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Philistine Banned

Updated: Oct 11, 2023

We will be releasing our debut album "Seranim" as scheduled on the 20th June 2023, but not on all streaming platforms, it will be released on our Youtube channel. Ditto Music who we normally use to distribute our music has sent us this message:

We’ve noticed a problem with your release Seranim and cannot process your order until the issue has been resolved.

Please check that your release conforms to the following rules:

- In accordance with Ditto Music's company policy and following strict censoring guidelines from music platform partners such as iTunes and Spotify we have rejected the content that you have uploaded as it falls into the bracket of content that is deemed "offensive, abusive, defamatory, illegal, pornographic or obscene" as stated by our platform partners. Due to the references of racial prejudice, extreme violence and hate speech found in the content of your song Ditto Music is unable to distribute your release

These guidelines are set by music stores. Unfortunately, the major music platforms won't accept your release until these issues have been fixed.

We are struggling to see why Spotify & Apple are rejecting it when on both platforms there are bands like this:

Go look at the song titles of that shit. Unbelievable how these platforms are blocking our album, song titles here

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