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Afrikaans Poetry & Heavy Metal

SOUND MISCELLANEA #40 Eugene Marais' “Winternag” ensnared in the unyielding grasp of a steel trap, skillfully arranged by the ferocious Metal Rockers, Philistine! – a song called “Slag Yster” from the album “Seranim.” For starters, text books describe “ferocious” as something that is extremely fierce, intense, or violent in nature. It describes a strong and aggressive force or behavior that is marked by a wild and unrestrained energy. In the context of music or performance, "ferocious" might indicate a highly powerful and intense style or attitude that commands attention and evokes strong emotions. The Afrikaans song, titled “Slag Yster,” by this pair of expatriate South African metal rockers, illustrates their approach of infusing potent aggression into their lyrics to drive home their message—an unmistakable hallmark of top-tier metal rock excellence. Incorporating the timeless poetry of Eugene Marais into a metal rock song signifies the lyricist's deep understanding of a nation's intrinsic bond with its poets and the literature they embrace. It's a bold testament to the enduring thread that links a culture's soul to the profound verses that have shaped its identity throughout the ages. This creative fusion potentially marks a historic milestone, being a unique example of seamlessly weaving a classic Afrikaans poem into the fabric of a heavy metal rock song containing words such as “fokken“ and “fokkol.“ Sources: Philistine Album “Seranim”, 2023/”Winternag” Image, courtesy of Vriende van NALN) Team SAMA

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